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"How Will Our Podcast Evolve in the New Year?"

Updated: Apr 21

In an exciting turn of events, we are thrilled to unveil the thrilling changes coming to our podcast in the upcoming year. Brace yourselves for a fresh new logo that captures the essence of our evolution and growth.

As we shine the Infexious Records Spotlight on Toxiciating23, also known as Scorpiono, get ready to immerse yourself in a world of captivating content, innovative ideas, and unbridled creativity. The stage is set for a transformational journey that promises nothing short of excellence and entertainment. Join us as we embark on this exhilarating new chapter together.

Our podcast, Infexious Records Spotlight, is gearing up for an exciting transformation in the upcoming year, including a fresh new logo that captures the essence of our brand. We are thrilled to announce these changes that will elevate the overall listening experience for our audience.

One of the highlights of this revamp includes a special feature on Toxiciating23 AKA Scorpiono, who will be joining us for an exclusive interview. This collaboration promises to bring in a whole new level of excitement and insight to our show.

Stay tuned as we unveil these thrilling changes that are set to redefine the podcasting landscape and offer our listeners a unique and engaging experience like never before.

We are thrilled to announce the exciting changes coming to our podcast in the new year! Get ready for a fresh new look with our updated logo that perfectly captures the essence of what we do here at Infexious Records Spotlight.

As we gear up for this transformation, we are also excited to introduce you to Toxiciating23, also known as Scorpiono. This talented individual will bring a whole new perspective and energy to our podcast, promising an even more dynamic and engaging experience for our listeners.

With these updates on the horizon, we can't wait to share all the innovative content and incredible guests lined up for the upcoming episodes. Stay tuned as we elevate your listening experience and continue to deliver top-notch entertainment through Infexious Records Spotlight!


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